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German courses in Hanover from A1 to C2 – on site or online

If you want to learn German in Hanover, you should contact a professional language school. At Sprachschule Aktiv, we have years of experience in language teaching. You can choose from various German courses, such as Intensive German courses, private lessons, online courses, evening courses, telc preparation courses, and TestDaF preparation courses. Learn German in Hanover with a free trial lesson, placement test, and language certificate!

German courses in Hanover for beginners and advanced learners – A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.

If you are new to Germany and speak little or broken German, you can attend one of our beginner courses. Friendly teachers will introduce you to the intricacies of the German language and show you that German is not a difficult language at all. If you already have basic knowledge, you can start with an advanced course. We organize our courses according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. If you have already participated in a German course based on these guidelines, switching is not a problem. Otherwise, you can take our free German placement test, which you can conveniently complete online. We also welcome you to take the test at our location in Hanover.

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Choose between evening courses, intensive courses, or private lessons in German:

Our intensive German courses in Hanover – prices and dates

Would you like to learn German intensively? Visit our intensive courses. They take place daily between 9 am and 12 pm. You can find the start dates in the table below.

Class schedule: Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Course start: the first Monday of each month
Course duration: 1 to 4 weeks

Intensive German Course A1/A2/B1/B2/C1/C2 - 2024
8. Monday 9:00-12:005. Monday 9:00-12:004. Monday 9:00-12:00
8. Monday 9:00-12:006. Monday 9:00-12:003. Monday 9:00-12:00
1. Monday 9:00-12:005. Monday 9:00-12:002. Monday 9:00-12:00
7. Monday 9:00-12:004. Monday 9:00-12:002. Monday 9:00-12:00

• 1 week costs 199 €
• 2 weeks cost 349 €
• 3 weeks cost 411 €
• 4 weeks cost 499 €

Private German lessons in Hanover – on-site or at the language school Course

Our private German lesson in Hannover is characterised by a high degree of flexibility. Lessons can take place at your home, at our premises or at your company. Up to 3 people can take part in a private course at the same time while you only pay once. The more lessons you book, the cheaper the total price. The dates are arranged flexibly with your teacher.

• From 10 hours: 48 € per hour
• From 20 hours: 45 € per hour
• From 50 hours: 40 € per hour
• From 80 hours: 38 € per hour

Evening course in German in Hanover – costs, dates, registration -6-week evening course

Do you have time and want to complete the course more quickly? Or would you like to make faster progress despite your work?  Opt for a 6-week evening course. The course takes place 2 times a week. After a placement test, we will offer you the best level (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) for you. Thanks to the small group size and frequent meetings, you will be able to practice new skills, words and structures more often and intensively. You can choose from the following dates: Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday.

  • Starting dates and level: see table
  • Course duration*: 6 weeks/180 min. per week
  • Price: 279 €
German Evening Courses A1/A2/B1/B2/C1/C2 - 2024
08. A1 Mon & Wed 17:30-19:00
09. A2 Tue & Thu 17:30-19:00
17. B1 Mon & Wed 19:00-20:30
18. B2. Tue & Thu 19:00-20:30
22. C1- C2 Mon & Wed 19:00-20:30
05.A1 Mon & Wed 19:00-20:30
06. A2 Tue & Thu 19:00-20:30
12. B1 Mon & Wed 17:30-19:00
15. B2 Tue & Thu 17:30-19:00
19. C1-C2 Mon & Wed 17:30-19:00
05. A1 Tue & Thu 17:30-19:00
06. A2 Mon & Wed 17:30-19:00
13. B1 Tue & Thu 19:00-20:30
18. B2 Mon & Wed 19:00-20:30
19. C1-C2 Tue & Thu 19:00-20:30
02. A1 Tue & Thu 19:00-20:30
03. A2. Mon & Wed 19:00-20:30
09. B1 Tue & Thu 17:30-19:00
10. B2 Mon & Wed 17:30-19:00
16. C1-C2 Tue & Thu 17:30-19:00
06. A1 Mon & Wed 17:30-19:00
07. A2 Tue & Thu 17:30-19:00
13. B1 Mon & Wed 19:00-20:30
14. B2 Tue & Thu 19:00-20:30
22. C1-C2 Mon & Wed 19:00-20:30
03. A1. Mon & Wed 19:00-20:30
04. A2 Tue & Thu 19:00-20:30
10. B1 Mon & Wed 17:30-19:00
11. B2 Tue & Thu 17:30-19:00
24. C1-C2 Mon & Wed 17:30-19:00
02. A1 Tue & Thu 17:30-19:00
03. A2 Mon & Wed 17:30-19:00
09. B1 Tue & Thu 19:00-20:30
10. B2 Mon & Wed 19:00-20:30
16. C1-C2 Tue & Thu 19:00-20:30
06. A1.Tue & Thu 19:00-20:30
07. A2 Mon & Wed 19:00-20:30
13. B1 Tue & Thu 17:30-19:00
14. B2 Mon & Wed 17:30-19:00
29. C1-C2 Tue & Thu 17:30-19:00
02. A1 Mon & Wed 17:30-19:00
03. A2 Tue & Thu 17:30-19:00
09. B1 Mon & Wed 19:00-20:30
10. B2 Tue & Thu 19:00-20:30
16. C1-C2 Mon & Wed 19:00-20:30
07. A1 Mon & Wed 19:00-20:30
08. A2 Tue & Thu 19:00-20:30
14. B1 Mon & Wed 17:30-19:00
15. B2 Tue & Thu 17:30-19:00
21. C1-C2 Mon & Wed 17:30-19:00
04. A1 Mon & Wed 17:30-19:00
05. A2 Tue & Thu 17:30-19:30
11. B1 Mon & Wed 19:00-20:30
12. B2 Tue & Thu 19:00-20:30
18. C1-C2 Mon & Wed 19:00-20:30
02. A1 Mon & Wed 19:00-20:30
03. A2 Tue & Thu 19:00-20:30
09. B1 Mon & Wed
10. B2 Mon & Wed

Course duration:

  • With 4 or more participants = 24 hours of 45 minutes (6 Weeks)
  • With 3 participants = 20 hours of 45 minutes (5 Weeks)
  • With 2 participants = 16 hours of 45 minutes (4 Weeks)

We don’t compromise on our teachers

Success in language learning largely depends on the teacher. We are aware of this and therefore carefully select highly qualified language teachers for our school. Essential prerequisites are native-level proficiency in German and a pedagogical education. From day one, you will learn the correct pronunciation and be taught according to the latest pedagogical insights. Personality is also important. Only friendly and courteous individuals are allowed to teach at Sprachschule Aktiv in Hanover.

German courses in Hanover with certificate and free placement!

Before choosing a language course, our staff provides comprehensive advice. If necessary, we conduct a free placement test to assess your level. Despite good guidance, it is possible that you may not be satisfied with the course. In such cases, please speak to our staff to find a solution together. If that is not possible, you can withdraw from the course after the first lesson, and we will refund any course fees already paid. If you encounter any problems during the course, please contact the course instructor or our staff.

Learn German in Hanover in small groups of up to 10 participants

At our language school in Hanover, we offer German courses in small groups limited to a maximum of 10 participants. Our classes are led by experienced teachers who adapt to the needs and knowledge of each individual student. Our small group courses allow us to provide individual and interactive instruction. This gives you ample opportunity to apply what you have learned in practice and improve your language skills quickly. Enroll today and let’s improve your German skills together!

Affordable German courses in Hanover

Want to learn German on a limited budget? No problem! Our language school in Hanover offers affordable German courses without compromising on quality and success. We believe that language education should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial background. That’s why we have made our prices fair and affordable without compromising on quality. With us, you will learn German in a friendly and motivating atmosphere and quickly improve your language skills. Enroll today and let’s improve your German skills together!

Our language school offers you many advantages

In our language school in Hanover, we not only offer high-quality language instruction but also many other advantages. Our experienced teachers ensure that the lessons are tailored to your individual needs and knowledge. We offer both group and private lessons, allowing you to choose the learning method that suits you best. Our modern classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to provide you with an effective and enjoyable learning environment. Additionally, you have the opportunity to enroll in special courses such as Business German or exam preparation courses. Enroll today and let’s improve your language skills together!

German course with money-back guarantee

We are confident in the quality of our German courses and want you to be convinced as well. That’s why we offer a money-back guarantee for our German courses. If you are not satisfied with our course, you can receive a refund within the first weeks. We are confident that you will learn German quickly and effectively with us and look forward to welcoming you to our course.