Englisch Einstufungstest in Hannover – Onliner oder persönlich in einer Probestunde

Englisch Online Einstufungstest

Englisch Einstufungstest

Do you see … car over there?

How is your wife?

When ____ ?

Do you like playing football?

____ my keys here?

What time ____ the house?

I can’t eat chocolate. ____ it?

____ is the school?

I’m sorry, you can have fish but you can’t have chips because we don’t have ____

I don’t want ____ chips, thank you.

When Mary got off the bus, she ____ her mother.

She ____ a photo.

I asked him to read my book. Did he ____ it?

Are Will and Henry still at home? What are they doing? ____ sleeping.

What are your plans for tomorrow? ____ lunch with my friend Anna.

If it wasn’t raining, I ____ to the park.

Have you ever ____ a truck before?

Follow your dreams! What ____ for?

Would you like to have dinner with me tonight? - I’m sorry, but I … my cousin tonight.

There’s a pen on the table. ____ it?

____ to Dublin?

Yes, I ____ there one year ago.

The new student is very smart, ____?

Richard ____ wake up early but he doesn’t anymore.

Richard ____ wake up early but he doesn’t anymore.

____ a fight?